Rule #4 Of Love – Love Is The Reason… To Love

Beloved Chariji said, “Even in our ordinary human life, when we start loving someone, then we are able to understand the person. But if you want to understand everything about the person, why he or she lives in the way she lives, and then we want to love, it fails. That is, to put it in one sentence, love makes all understanding possible, but understanding does not create love. Similarly, spiritual growth makes physical life understandable, intellectual necessities understandable, but not the other way.”

Love is the reason … to love!

Let me tell you a story today. Get some snacks, and a drink, because this is going to be long.

One of the most powerful man in the 8th century was the Abbasid Emperor Harun-ar-Rashid. While you may know the famous story of Layla and Majnun, you would not know this small incident in the life of Layla and the Emperor.

Harun, the emperor had heard about the love of Majnun for Layla. He had read all the poems and enjoyed the songs sung by The nomadic Bedouin Qays who was called Majnun, meaning madman – mad for Layla. “And what a beauty, this Layla must be”, Harun thought. So, he decided to capture her and make her his own queen.

After many failed attempts, at last his men brought before the emperor the famous and beautiful Layla. And with a heart beating with anticipation and expectation, he lifted the veil to look at her beauty. He was speechless for a long moment! The courtiers waited to behold her beauty too.

But all that Harun could say was, “Oh, but you are just an ordinary woman. What is so special about your beauty?”

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Layla that Harun saw was not ugly. But she was no beauty either. She was a normal woman with a very plain-old-Jane face with all the anomalies that an ordinary face could have. Harun did not understand what made Majnun sing of her beauty.

Layla replied her famous lines, “You have to look at me through Majnun’s eyes. Otherwise you would never understand the mystery called ‘love’.”

And it is said that, after that day, the great and powerful, mighty emperor Harun-ar-Rashid was a completely changed man.

When Love cannot be explained, how can a reason be given for love?

Love can only be an experience, and while it is still experienced, it still cannot be explained.

Love is not just of the man or the woman, or of the country or the child. Love just IS. Love is of “The Beloved”. And after a while, it is not even directed at the Beloved.

Once Kamlesh D. Patel said, “After a while, your love alone is sufficient. It sustains you. You do not need the Beloved to direct it to.”

I did not completely understand. How can love not be directed? How can my love alone be sufficient? And for whom? He said, “to no one. Your love just is. It is sufficient to be in Love.”

I do not claim that I understand now. However I at least know now that, one day I will understand what it is to be in that kind of Love.

Like Layla understood Majnun. Like Harun did too, probably.

Now, coming to Shams of Tabriz’s Rule#3 of love, he said, “Intellect and love are made of different materials. Intellect ties people in knots and risks nothing, but love dissolves all tangles and risks everything. Intellect is always cautious and advises, ‘Beware too much ecstasy’, whereas love says, ‘Oh, never mind! Take the plunge!’ Intellect does not easily break down, whereas love can effortlessly reduce itself to rubble. But treasures are hidden among ruins. A broken heart hides treasures.”

And what a parallel between the spiritual giants – Shams and Chariji and Kamleshbhai?

I am reminded of this number by the famous band, Boyzone, “Love me for a reason and let the reason be Love.” But did you know it was The Osmonds who sang it first in 1974?

Here is the original version, which is so soul stirring. Close your eyes and listen to it. And feel absorbed in the Love which is beyond reason and intellect!



4 thoughts on “Rule #4 Of Love – Love Is The Reason… To Love

  1. This is the first time I get the chance to read your blog. I wish I came earlier.
    What you wrote here are pearls of wisdom.
    Thanks and I will read everything you wrote here as soon as possible.

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