Rule # 7 of Love -Love Means To Be Happy Under All Circumstances

Necessities of life should be meager. “Plain living and high thinking” is an English proverb. Detachment in attachment is really needed. The happiest man is he who is happy under all circumstances.

– Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur

I asked my toddler niece one day, what makes you happy. She stuck up her fingers and said, I like chocolates, ice-cream, blue colored nail polish, blue frock, pink hair clips, my dragon toys, … and eventually lost count of all of it in her fingers, and went into her own musings.


So, while my niece muses, I would like to take you to Austria where Dame Julie Andrews sings of a few of her favorite things in the movie, “Sound of Music.” Remember the below song? So lovely, huh?! Continue reading


Rule # 6 of Love –Love The Guide, In Whom You See Yourself

Certain friendships are meant to last beyond eternity.

How can I write a eulogy for someone who is always with me? He is no more in his physical form, no more in his physical entity since about an year. But like he said recently, his spirit, his essence lives on with us.

He was the perfect householder, an excellent executive at work, the chosen disciple to his spiritual guide, and a friend and guide to all of us.

He was the perfect spiritual friend to many – quoting him – “I would like to tell you that in the Sufi tradition only the Spiritual Master is known as the ‘Friend’. This follows the ancient Indian tradition that a real friend is one who will give his life for you.”


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Rule # 5 of Love – Silence is the Language of God

Shri Kamlesh D. Patel said, “You have centered yourself towards your heart. You are more perceptive, as you are trying to understand things with your heart. When you look at things, your attention is in the heart; your eyes are there. You are always trying to weigh things with your heart; you are not analyzing from the mind. Your inner radar opens up. And this habit has to be cultivated. If you want to become sharply discriminative, then this is a must.”

Today, I am going to take you all through an exercise, an exercise of silence, if you may call it. But before that, I want to listen to this song.

Ronan Keating has the most amazing voice, when he sings, “You say it best, when you say nothing at all.” Does he mean, saying nothing, speaking nothing, makes lovers come together – metaphorically? Does he say, “The heart speaks to the heart in the most intimate way, in silence?”

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Rule #4 Of Love – Love Is The Reason… To Love

Beloved Chariji said, “Even in our ordinary human life, when we start loving someone, then we are able to understand the person. But if you want to understand everything about the person, why he or she lives in the way she lives, and then we want to love, it fails. That is, to put it in one sentence, love makes all understanding possible, but understanding does not create love. Similarly, spiritual growth makes physical life understandable, intellectual necessities understandable, but not the other way.”

Love is the reason … to love!

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Rule #3 of Love -Everything is in Godly Remembrance

When you have nothing else to do, think that everything around you is absorbed in Godly Remembrance – Kamlesh D. Patel

12342679_1276911729001442_4150679572406632002_n (1)

The bees, the birds, the trees, the animals, the minerals, the sun, the moon, even the air and atmosphere, and all of humanity – deeply absorbed in Divinity, in the peace, and love of the Source of all creation. I am talking to the atheists too. Whether it is God or not, there must be a point of origin for all creation. It did not just spring forth. Even if it just did, out of sheer nothingness, like this physicist Lawrence Krauss says in his book here, it still is ‘something’. So, let all creation remember its Source. Let us all remember our origin! Continue reading

#Heartfulness Session @ SSS College

The day started quite early. It was a long car ride to SSS college. The Heartfulness Session was planned for three days. The car wove around the mountainous terrain, in an anticipatory journey. We were not disappointed, as the college campus loomed ahead of us. The college campus was a sight to behold. Check out the below picture.


The principal was a very hospitable person. He ushered us in and offered us a cup of tea and cookies. The students were already assembled and we started our session.

The session included the following.

  1. We requested the students to meditate on their own for a few minutes. This we call a Placebo meditation. It is the basis for establishing a scientific basis for Heartfulness meditation, which is to come later. This can be done in any way – as known to the participants.
  2. This Placebo meditation was followed by a Relaxation Technique done by one of the trainers.
  3. The Relaxation gave way to Heartfulness Meditation, where the participants closed their eyes, supposing the Source of Light in their Hearts. This continued for about 30 minutes.

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